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Fragments of Memories

Here's for the Beginners

// Chibi-Lisa //

Me as Hinata // do not steal

Here's for the Beginners

Me as Hinata // do not steal

This Journal is Friends Only!

Which means if you are not on the list you can't read my entries.... Ah! But fear not! You can alway be added to view my mind popping, daily routine and my two cents on things. I basically update once or twice a day. If not, the next day. I would say my life is just as interesting as the next person's. I have drama, I have those boring days. I am intellegent, but I'm also very stupid when excited or resless.

My Guidelines:

1. I will sometimes try to express my entries with little doodles or comics and such. Please don't steal them! Unless you ask for permission. I am flattered when someone likes my work! So I'm not hard to ask.

2. Please don't harass me through comments. If anyone feels alittle offended, I'd prefered not to get yelled at, but I guess I understand debates and stuff.

3. Please excuse the grammar and spelling. It is either intentional (To look cute =3) or clearly accidental. I type too fast for my head to process and you would have to deal. The faces, well, deal that too.

4. Biggie, I don't want real life people on my friends list. As much as I like you in person, I don't want this to interfer with the people I care about. Yet, I am willing to negotitate. So if people I know in person see this, please be considerate and understand... I would only let online buddies, from various websites and Cosplayers on. Ahh, no dice. Pretty much everyone on this list I know in person XD.

5. No publicizating my journal. If I want, I will do it myself. I prefer my privacy.

6. I let people on my friends list for advice mostly and well, I doubt many are that interested. So comment as much as you want, and if you don't, I don't really care, yet I really doo loove comments.

Good, Luck, I'll probably add you, unless your on my hit list, which is pretty small. Hehe.
  • Hotaru... It's Ami ;_; Can I be friended?
  • Hellooooo~ it's Liz/Kasai from the NYC trip today.. I'm going on a mad-crazy lj friending-frenzy, is it okay if I add you? :3
  • hey. too bad we didn't get to speak much but it was fun today. Nice to meet you ^_^ Mind if I add ya?
  • yaaaa, its me james, uh m4se? yeah i'm bored so i found ya, oh i got back into mangos...just wrapper form...and vodka form...

  • Could I add you? ^^;;
  • Hello Miss Hotaru,
    I'm friends with some of your friends,
    and I love your cosplays, and your XD attitude.
    You rockers, but I just wanted to know if I could add you,
    and you add me back.

    ^_^ You make a lovely -Saturn.-

  • addy pwease...i dun see many hotary-chan cosplayers..
  • Hey Lisa it's Garance...I added you, add me back if you want.
  • hey there...this is omar stickablestars friend

    im a HUGE fan of Naruto, like WOAH

    I THINK you make an awesome Hinata, though im a guy, i took that quiz to see which character you would be from the show, and i got her (though i wish i got naruto, but its all good ^_^)

    im also friends of with the people you cosplay with, so im going to add you, and hopefully you'll add me back bye (c:
  • Callie Cat desu- i hung out in your hotel room at katsu and you are cool- so woot.

    ^^ by the way absolutely love the layout and miwako icon
  • Adding you 'cuz I had tons of fun yesterday =3
  • Hiyeeee! I am like sooo looking forward to meeting you at the April 23rd first annual Senshi In The City Photoshooooot! Woot! And thatcalliecat told me to friend you because you're coming and that you're the awesomest and coolness!!! And I hope you friend me too and that we start a wonderful happy senshi friendship!!! XD
  • hello there! my name is femmy and i am going to be cosplaying with you this weekend in ny for the shenshiinthecity shoot that is goings on... i wanted to know if maybe you and i could coordinate our clothes a little so that we don'r dress the same... or maybe dress exactly the same ^__^ my aim sn is freakyarcher too. i am looking forward to chatting with you ^_^ ciao!
  • Hi hi ^^
    This is Renee, aka the Mako-chan that came to the saturday photoshoot, even though I left early to go to voice lesson and then get a cold :/
    But! hooray for aweeeesome hotaru-chan cosplay ^^ Can I friend you?
  • :3 hihi ~ I've been wanting to friend you for some time actually, but never had a good enough reason XDD Through some of the comments Ive seen and your cosplay (*__*!) I think you are so sweet and yea *heartsonyou*

    Puu recently pointed me in your direction for a "specific" reason *wink* XD and I just added you on my AIM b.l. X3 I really wanna talk to you about youknowwhat. -tackle-
    • Ahaha, I know the reason! Anyways, thanx! I work real hard on my cosplay T___T And thanx for the <3s
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